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Shut Down the Getting old of Your Skin

Expensive Well being Acutely aware Reader,

On Oct. 26, 2008, men and women from all above the nation attended my first-ever convention on telomeres (pronounced explain to-o-meers). Surrounded by some of the world’s most recognized, reducing-edge researchers in the field, we shared how telomeres are the key to growing old. And all people who witnessed the function walked away with the capability to control their ageing clock and incorporate decades of ample wellbeing to their lives.

Telomeres are the “time keepers” attached to each individual strand of your DNA. They’re critical to youthful mobile operate. But each time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. When your telomeres run down, mobile division stops and your lifestyle finishes. The telomere is the most essential discovery in human historical past. We now understand the mechanism of aging and how to influence it.
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Daily life on this world will in no way be the exact same. In simple fact, the discovery of telomeres just received the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

I’ve been studying the energy of telomeres for yrs now. I am the 1st doctor at any time licensed to administer the only commercially out there therapy that lengthens human telomeres. It truly is the most extraordinary advance in the world of existence extension. And now, I have discovered a way to use this Nobel Prize-winning breakthrough to pores and skin treatment. It just about defies growing old of your skin’s DNA.

By fixing your skin’s DNA, you can plump up your pores and skin and lower the physical appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet, banish sunlight and getting old places, and tighten up your sagging jaw line. 1 It all commences with an extract that slows the indications of growing older and nourishes your pores and skin cells supporting to expand their everyday living span. 2 This wonderful extract, known as teprenone, delays the shortening of your telomeres and guards your skin’s DNA so you can slow down the visual appeal of aging. three

We all get a thrill when we are advised we appear youthful than we truly are. We really feel youthful, we feel younger, we act younger… and we want to Glance young, for as long as possible. Which is why this compound is so fascinating. It can be the one greatest – and least complicated – detail you can do for your pores and skin to restore the youth and vitality you want the planet to see.

Teprenone actively limits – even helps prevent – oxidative build up in your pores and skin cells and shields your DNA by supporting your skin to deliver a protein that guards cells against oxidative harm. It also protects the antioxidant action normally generated by your pores and skin cells. four I manufactured it one particular of the important components in my new DNA Rejuvenation Product, Revive.

My Revive DNA Rejuvenation Cream aids sustain telomeres and extends the lifespan of your skin cells. I have extra other key substances to assist lessen all of the indicators of growing older and revive the youth and radiance of younger a long time. These powerful pores and skin-conserving ingredients have serious science driving them. In clinical trials of gals, the success have been exceptional. Test out these figures: 5

* a hundred% increased the level of moisture in their skin
* one hundred% saw reduction in the overall look of sunshine places
* Around 90% observed a reduce in redness and pore sizing
* seventy five% knowledgeable an improvement in skin tone and elasticity
* 75% felt roughness and the appearance of fantastic traces diminished

Restore the Radiant, Supple and Smooth Pores and skin of Your Youth

When you seem at aged pictures, you may well uncover by yourself astonished to see the beautiful deal with you wore as a teen. You most likely nonetheless visualize your self the identical… crystal clear, limited pores and skin… fleshy cheeks… substantial forehead. Teprenone is a spectacular breakthrough. But there’s extra to the tale. Terrific skin also requires hyaluronic acid (HA). You had loads when you were youthful, but it drops off as you age.

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